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&Me by Norbert ter Hall


Three loners from Berlin, Sitges and Amsterdam unite in Brussels, the city of… unification. In this unconventional love-story, l’amour, c’est bizarre.

Eduard, gay and disillusioned, leaves Berlin for Brussels both for a new job in the European Parliament and a new life. There he meets the beautiful and idealistic young lawyer Edurne, from Spain. When she falls in love with him he is surprised by this strange new experience, and so decides to fall in love with her too. But then the mysterious Richard comes on the scene. Will he be the glue that holds them together or the wedge that drives them apart?

90’  / DCP / colour

Genre: romantic drama
Original title: &ME
Prod: Phanta Vision Film International
Co-prod: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (BE), Unafilm (DE)
Dir: Norbert ter Hall       
Sc: Norbert ter Hall           
D.O.P.: Richard van Oosterhout
Completed: December 2012       
Language: English/French/German/Spanish/Dutch
Cast: Mark Waschke (BARBARA, SCHILF), Veronica Echequi (THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY, KATMANDU), Teun Luijkx (TIME TO SPARE).   

Norbert ter Hall:
Second feature film.
a.o. MONTE CARLO (2001, feature).

Phanta Vision Film International

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