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The Amazing Wiplala by Tim Oliehoek
Amazing Wiplala, The

Amazing Wiplala, The

He is only 10 cm tall but he is not a gnome, rather a Wiplala. A Wiplala can tinkle - in his language that is 'magic' - but he keeps forgetting how tinkling works exactly and how things can often go wrong. His most disastrous tinkling act is when he transforms the man-sized Blom, his daughter Nella Della and son Johannes into little people, also 10 cm tall. And so begins an exciting adventure. Can they ever be made ‘normal' again?

93' / DCP / colour

Genre: family
Original title: WIPLALA
Dir: Tim Oliehoek
Prod: BosBros (NL)
Co-prod: Ciné Cri de Coeur (BE), Samsa Film (LU)
Sc: Tamara Bos
D.O.P.: Rolf Dekens
Completed: November 2014
Language: Dutch
Cast: Géza Weisz (GIFT FROM THE HEART, BLACK BOOTY), Sasha Mylanus, Kee Ketelaar (TAKING CHANCES), Peter Paul Muller (ALL STARS 2: OLD STARS, LOVE IS ALL).

Festivals a.o:
Istanbul International Film Festival
TIFF Kids International Film Festival Toronto
Giffoni International Film Festival - Second Best Feature Film, Elements +6
FIFEM Montreal International Children's Film Festival

Tim Oliehoek:
QUEEN OF AMSTERDAM (2013, feature), PIZZAMAFFIA (2011, feature), SPY OF ORANGE (2009, feature), TOO FAT TOO FURIOUS (2005, feature).

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