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All You Need Is Me by Wim van der Aar
All You Need Is Me

All You Need Is Me

The young and talented painter Aad Donker loses his grip on life in search of a lost paradise.

A journey through the life of talented artist Aad Donker who hanged himself beside two self-portraits on November 1 1998 in his studio. The paint was still wet. His age: 31. All you need is me takes us around the world through different stages of Aad’s life, literally from paradise to hell. His turbulent relationship with Amy, the love of his life, runs like a thread throughout the film as does his inextricable and demanding relationship with his two brothers.

90’ / DCP / colour

Original title: ALL YOU NEED IS ME
Dir.: Wim van der Aar
Prod: Hazazah Pictures       
Sc: Wim van der Aar           
D.O.P.: Piotr Kukla, Jasper Wolf
Completed: January 2016   
Language: Dutch/English

Wim van der Aar:
GABBERS (2013, doc), VAN WAVEREN TAPES (2012, doc), KODACHROME (2006, doc).

Hazazah Pictures
Ph: +31 20 42 26422

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