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A group of friends decide to play a dangerous game during a dinner party.

Seven close friends gather for a dinner party. What starts out as a fun night changes when one of them suggests playing a game. Everyone puts their phone on the table and all calls, texts, emails and other social media messages, must be shared openly. As the evening continues, the friends get to know each other from another side. What secrets do they keep, and how well do they actually know each other?

100' / colour

Genre: comedy, drama
Original filmtitle: ALLES OP TAFEL
Dir: Will Koopman
Prod: Millstreet Films - Rachel van Bommel
Sc: Frank Houtappels
D.O.P.: Melle van Essen
Completed: September 2021
Language: Dutch
Cast: Linda de Mol, Peter Paul Muller, Diederik Ebbinge, Ramsey Nasr.

Will Koopman:
a.o. APRIL MAY, AND JUNE (2019, feature), ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (2018, feature), VIPER'S NEST 2 (2014, feature), THE RENOVATION (2012, feature), VIPER'S NEST (2011, feature), THE DARK HOUSE (2009, feature).

Millstreet Films
Ph: +31 20 772 5499


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