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Alicia by Maasja Ooms


A disturbing, observational film that portrays the daily life and deepest emotions of a young, homeless girl who is in danger of going off the rails.

Alicia is just a year old when she is removed from her home, and is placed into a children’s care home at the age of five. By the time she is nine, she is still there, awaiting placement with a new family. This is when the documentary Alicia starts. For three years the film follows the girl in her daily life, using close-cropped, observational images. Will the girl go off the rails because of the hopelessness of her situation, or are we a witness to history inescapably repeating itself?

89' /  colour

Original title: ALICIA
Dir: Maasja Ooms
Prod: Cerutti Film - Willemijn Cerutti
Sc: Maasja Ooms                                
D.O.P.: Maasja Ooms
Completed: November 2017                 
Language: Dutch

Maasja Ooms:
BETWEEN PEOPLE (2015, doc), WHEN I WAS DEAD (2011, doc), VOICES OF BAM (2005, doc)
Awards: Special Jury Prize Tribeca FF NY, Prix Jury Interreligieux Nyon Visions du Réel, THE MISSION OF JODY BARRETT (2003, doc).

Cerutti Film

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