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Alice Cares by Sander Burger
Alice Cares

Alice Cares

In order to meet future care demands for an elderly population suffering from the twin perils of loneliness and dementia, the ‘carebot' Alice has been developed. Can a robot establish a ‘human' relationship with someone and thus replace a ‘real' person made of flesh and blood? In this documentary we see how three women, all getting on in years, actually develop a deep fondness for this robot girl...

79' / DCP / colour

Original title: IK BEN ALICE
Dir: Sander Burger
Prod: KeyDocs
Sc: Sander Burger
D.O.P.: Sal Kroonenberg
Completed: December 2014
Language: Dutch

Sander Burger:
a.o. WILL (2012, short), HUNTING & SONS (2010, feature), THE PANMAN: RHYTHM OF THE PALMS (2007, feature), KOEN! (2004, short), PISKA FRESKU (2003, feature).

Ph: +31 20 422 2607


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