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Alberta by Eddy Terstall & Erik Wünsch


A humorous reflection on human weaknesses.

Freek is a 49-year-old advertising executive and media figure. He appears to have it all: he has won many awards in his field, he has a great wife Iris and a son called Werner. But Freek is a womanizer, and when he meets the dazzling young Alberta he really falls for her. She persuades him to go to the place with which she shares a name; Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. But when boredom strikes, Alberta leaves Freek hopeless and alone. Can he handle life on his own?

110’ / DCP / colour

Genre: comedy, tragicomedy
Original title: ALBERTA
Dir: Eddy Terstall & Erik Wünsch
Prod: Fu Works (NL), One Big Agency (NL)
Co-prod: Zilvermeer Productions (BE)       
Sc: Eddy Terstall, Erik Wünsch       
D.O.P.: Willem Nagtglas
Completed: May 2016       
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Daniël Boissevain (All Stars, Viper’s Nest), Jamie Grant (The Pool, Loft), Eva Duijvestein (Secrets of War, Simon), Chip Bray (Enigma).

Eddy Terstall:
a.o. MEET ME IN VENICE (2015, feature) Awards a.o: Wold Cinema Award Woodstock FF, DEAL (2012, feature), TITTEN (2011, short), VOX POPULI (2008, feature), SEXTET (2007, feature), SIMON (2004, feature) Awards: a.o. Golden Calf Best Director, Best Film and Audience Award Netherlands FF.

Erik Wünsch:
ICARUS - episode DE BANKIER (2016, TV series), MEET ME IN VENICE (2015, feature), DEAL (2012, feature).

Fu Works
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Sales: EastWest Filmdistribution
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