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After the Tone by Digna Sinke
After the Tone

After the Tone

How do you deal with the fact that someone close to heart has suddenly disappeared without a trace?

We hear voice-mail messages, recorded on the mobile phone of a certain Onno. We see images of different places, varying from a business park to a palm beach in the Pacific. On the day that it is announced that Onno has won an important prize, he is untraceable. Gradually it becomes apparent that he has disappeared, and no one knows where and why. But who was Onno in the first place?

85’ / DCP / colour

Genre: experimental drama
Original title: AFTER THE TONE
Dir: Digna Sinke
Prod: SNG Film   
Sc: Henk Burger, Digna Sinke           
D.O.P.: Digna Sinke
Completed: November 2013       
Language: Dutch
Cast: Dragan Bakema (BROWNIAN MOVEMENT, JOY), Olga Zuiderhoek (FURIOUS, TIRAMISU),
Rifka Lodeizen (HEMEL, AMONG US), Josefien Hendriks (SEVEN SINS).

Rotterdam International Film Festival (Spectrum)

Digna Sinke:
a.o. WISTFUL WILDERNESS (2010, doc) Awards: Best Doc Paris Int. Environmental FF, Best Doc Freistadt FF, ATLANTIS (2008, feature), TIENGEMETEN 2001-2006 (2006, doc), BROSSA (2005, doc), HOPE & EXPECTATIONS (2004, short), TIENGEMETEN PART 1 (2001, doc), BELLE VAN ZUYLEN/MADAME DE CHARRIÈRE (1993, feature) Awards: Main prize Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF, ABOVE THE MOUNTAINS (1992, feature), NOTHING LASTS FOREVER (1990, doc), FAREWELL (1990, short), NEW WAVE (1985, doc), THE SILENT PACIFIC (1984, feature).

SNG Film
Ph: +31 20 686 7837

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