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Adios Amigos by Albert Jan van Rees
Adios Amigos

Adios Amigos

A fun road-movie about three disabled friends who will stop at nothing to get what they want: sex. But en route they find much more than what they were looking for.

Three disabled friends are fed up with the fact that no woman ever shows interest in them. Philip (25), Lars (24) and Joost (31) hire a driver to take them to Salou in Spain where all the girls want to have sex. But during the trip they are confronted with their dependency on others, and they can’t keep their fears and secrets hidden any more. The journey becomes less about sex and more about friendship. In the end the journey itself, not their destination, brings them the satisfaction they crave.

90’ / DCP / colour

Genre: road movie
Original title: ADIOS AMIGOS
Dir: Albert Jan van Rees
Prod: BosBros (NL)
Co-prod: Fobic Films (BE)   
Sc: Anne Barnhoorn           
D.O.P.: Dennis Wielaert
Completed: October 2016       
Language: Dutch/German/Croatian/English
Cast: Martijn Lakemeier (Winter in Wartime, Lover or Loser) Yannick van de Velde (Homies, the Peter Pan Man), Bas Hoeflaak (Homies, Kicks), Margot Ros (The Magicians).       

Albert Jan van Rees:
First feature film.
a.o. Sweet Love (2013, short), Flysk (2010, TV film), Naked (2006, short), Super Sam (2000, short film).

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