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Above Us All by Eugenie Jansen
Above Us All

Above Us All

After death, do you become a star in the firmament, or do you simply rot away underground?  

After the death of her Indigenous mother, the eleven year old Shay is taken by her Flemish father from Australia to Ypres, Belgium. In the surroundings, full of traces of the Great War, Shay tries to understand her mother’s death. In the meantime the camera is spinning around in circles questioning about our position in time and space.

100’ / DCP 3D / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: ABOVE US ALL
Dir: Eugenie Jansen
Prod: De Productie (NL)
Co-prod: Minds Meet (BE)        
Sc: Kim Niekerk, Patrick Minks            
D.O.P.: Adri Schrover, 3D: Kommer Kleijn
Completed: February 2014    
Language: Dutch/Flemish/English/Kalimaroy 
Cast: Shayleah Sands, Gaëtano Debyser, Maarten Baes, Frida Neels.       

Festivals a.o:
Berlin International Film Festival - Generation
Vancouver International Film Festival
Pune International Film Festival
Lodz International 3D Film Festival
Ciné-jeune de Laon (Laon International Film Festival for Young People)
Cairo International Women's Film Festival

Eugenie Jansen:

a.o. FIELDS OF MARGRATEN (2009, doc), CALIMUCHO (2008, feature), FORELAND (2005, doc) Awards: a.o. Award of Excellence Yamagata Int. Doc FF, THE ROYAL WEDDING TAPES (2003, doc), THE RULES OF FLYING (2003, short), SLEEPING ROUGH (2002, feature) Awards: a.o. Tiger Award Int. FF Rotterdam, Ecumenical Jury Award Mannheim-Heidelberg Int. FF.

De Productie
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