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A Good Death by Wannie de Wijn
Good Death, A

Good Death, A

How can one bear the unbearable? How to cope with the knowledge that, same time tomorrow, a loved one will be gone?

The Keller family consists of three brothers. Bernhard, the eldest, has got end-stage cancer and has chosen to die by euthanasia. Michael, the middle one, is a cold businessman. He mistrusts the situation and tries to stop the process. Ruben, the youngest, is autistic and expresses his emotions mainly in his music. He asks the questions nobody dares to ask. Hannah, the ex-wife of the businessman, is now the lover of Bernhard, which leads to extra tension. Sammy, the daughter, cannot accept her father’s self-chosen death. Lastly, there is Robert, the doctor and friend of the family for years, who finds himself face-to-face with a great dilemma.
In a roller coaster of emotions we witness Bernhard’s last evening and night. There is laughter, fighting, crying and singing, while no one is able to comprehend the approaching death. Through the eyes of the characters we see different views on euthanasia. Touching scenes alternate with essential humor, as music and singing play an important part in this unique family story.

84' / DCP / Colour

Genre: drama
Original title: DE GOEDE DOOD
Language: Dutch
Year of completion: 2012
Director: Wannie de Wijn
Producer: Pim Wallis de Vries for Wallis Theaterproducties  & Maarten van Hemmen for Electric Zoo
Screenplay: Jeroen van den Berg, Wannie de Wijn, Saskia Bonarius
D.O.P.: Lex Brand
Editor: Tanya Fallenius
Cast: Huub Stapel, Will van Kralingen, Wilbert Gieske, Peter Tuinman, Hans Thissen ,Saskia Bonarius

Montréal World Film Festival
Haikou International Youth Experimental Art Festival - HIYEAF
Moscow Film Festival - 2Morrow

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