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Zaatari Djinn by Catherine van Campen
Zaatari Djinn

Zaatari Djinn

Catherine van Campen  

A film about the resilience of children. Through the eyes of children we see what it’s like to grow up in a refugee camp with little resources or prospects.

ZAATARI DJINN is an exceptionally intimate film about the resilience of children. In the middle of the Jordanian desert a few tents were set up for a couple of hundred Syrian refugees. Then, quick as lightning, with improvised shacks and caravans the new city of Zaatari arose, with a population made up of 80% children. Through the eyes of four children, we get to see and feel what it is like to grow up in this place. They may be impoverished, but they have enormous scope for dreams.

90' / colour

Original title: Zaatari Djinn
Prod: Witfilm -  Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole
Sc: Catherine van Campen
D.O.P.: Jean Counet
Completed: November 2016
Language: Arabic

Catherine van Campen:
GARAGE 2.0 (2015, doc), STERRE (2015, short doc), JOAN’S BOYS (2013, short doc), PAINFUL
PAINTING (2011, short doc), FLYING ANNE (2010, short doc) Awards: a.o. Best Short Doc Visions
du Réel, Audience Award IFF Boston, DRONA AND I (2009, short doc), ETERNAL MASH (2008, short doc).

Ph: +31 20 688 5049

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