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THE NEW ICE AGE by Johan van der Keuken

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Van der Keuken focus in Portugal

16 October 2014

Doclisboa, the international documentary festival in Lisbon, pays homage to the Dutch documentary filmmaker Johan Van Der Keuken. Together with the Cinemateca Portuguesa, the festival organizes an extensive retrospective of his work, which consists of no less than 23 films.

Johan van der Keuken (Amsterdam, 1938-2001) was a filmmaker and  photographer. His work consists of more than 50 films and is highly regarded internationally. The retrospective consists of a number of his most prominent films, BLIND CHILD (1964), BEPPIE (1965) and the North-South trilogy, about the relationship between rich and poor countries, consisting of: DIARY (1972), WHITE CASTLE (1973) and THE NEW ICE AGE (1974). Besides films are also shown as THE EYE ABOVE THE WELL (1988), AMSTERDAM GLOBAL VILLAGE (1996) and THE LONG HOLIDAY (2000).

The retrospective is in line with a new theme of the festival: bringing together contemporary documentary and documentary films from the past. Van der Keuken is regarded as one of the most distinctive documentary  filmmakers of the second half of the twentieth century. His work is considered a reference in the history of the documentary genre. The Cinemateca Portuguesa organized earlier on a smaller scale, a retrospective exhibition of his work in 1991.

The 12th edition of Doclisboa takes place from 16 - 26 October, 2014. Films by Johan van der Keuken are to be seen at the Cinemateca Portuguesa until November.

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For more information:

Doclisboa - International Film Festival: www.doclisboa.org
Cinemateca Portuguesa:  www.cinemateca.pt

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