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3 questions about...EFP's LA Screenings

December 8, 2014

22 films from across Europe submitted for consideration as Best Foreign Language Film have recently been showcased at EFP's LA screening series. EFP's members, the producers and publicists hereby make use of the special presentation to international buyers, selected press, Academy members and the LA-based industry. EFP reflects how this enrichment helps the films' overall Oscar promotional campaign:

Claudia Landsberger, Head of EYE International, The Netherlands
What was the need to create these LA-Screenings seven years ago and how did this event develop?

"The LA-Screenings came out of a necessity felt by us who deal every year with the Academy Award campaigns for our films entered in the category Best Foreign Language Film. Most of us do not have the financial means for more than a small campaign. With the extra screenings for our Oscar entries we hoped to create a bigger Buzz around our films that the press and the industry would pick up, which would help our films gain more visibility in the Awards season's craze.

At the same time we wanted to use the momentum of the AFM and AFI Fest to give the distributors and other programmers who were visiting these events an extra opportunity to see these films. And if certain films are shown at the AFI it is for us an extra incentive to bring some of the filmmakers over to LA to do extra press work and meet some Talent Agents.
It is fantastic to see that over the past years, our screenings have become a fixed date on the Award's season calendar and the industry is acknowledging that more and more people attend our screenings. Because the Academy members have to see a lot of films in a relatively short time, they see the advantage to drop by and catch a few of the European films."

Arben Zharku, Director Kosova Cinematography Center
You´ve attended the LA-Screening of your Kosova Oscar Entry "Three Windows and a Hanging". How was the feedback in Los Angeles?

"It was the first time that Kosovo has submitted for the foreign language Oscar. Being at the LA-Screening and AFM was a great experience, which we want to continue in the future as it opens a big window to the US market and is a great place to promote foreign language candidates."

Torene Svitil, Awards Consultant for foreign and documentary films
Why do you think EFP's LA Screenings are of value to Academy members, LA based press and the local industry?

"The European Film Promotion Screenings in Los Angeles offer members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, local BAFTA members and other industry professionals, as well as press, an opportunity to see a curated selection of European films from EFP member countries. This year 83 films were submitted for consideration for the Foreign Language Oscar, 22 of which were screened as part of the EFP series. Because the Academy only holds one official screening of each film, EFP screenings allow Academy members to see films whose official screening they might have missed or to get a head start on meeting their quota of viewed films. For films that did not have a Los Angeles theatrical or festival release, the screenings present an opportunity for review by local and international press. In addition, members of other guilds, producers, distributors and professionals in town for the American Film Market are also invited to attend. In a crowded field, the EFP Los Angeles screenings boost awareness of the participating films, filmmakers and talent."

Source: EFP - European Film Promotion

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