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The Deflowering of Eva van End by Michiel ten Horn
Deflowering of Eva van End, The

Deflowering of Eva van End, The

A tragicomedy about the Van End family who, after the arrival of an impossibly perfect German exchange student, can no longer imagine how they ever managed to live with their imperfect selves.

Evert (48), Etty (46), Erwin (20), Manuel (16) and Eva (15) are a perfectly normal family, who over the years have developed a slightly dysfunctional way of relating to one another.
Then, all of a sudden, the incarnation of perfection enters their lives, embodied by German exchange student Veit (17). With his arrival, doubt, insecurity, fear and desire invade the Van End family. How have they been able to function all these years, with all of their imperfections?
During the course of Veit’s stay, all five family members start to reinvent themselves, as they feel increasingly alienated from themselves and from each other. It turns out, however, that it’s not perfection that brings happiness, but their blood ties.
And besides, nobody’s really perfect…

90’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: tragicomedy
Dir: Michiel ten Horn
Prod: Pupkin Film
Co-prod: AVRO
Sc: Anne Barnhoorn
D.O.P.: Jasper Wolf
Completed: August 2012
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Jacqueline Blom (HEADING WEST, THE SILENT ARMY), Ton Kas (THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING, THE PRESIDENT), Vivian Dierckx, Rafael Gareisen.

Festivals a.o:
Toronto International Film Festival
Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Glasgow International Film Festival
Beijing International Film Festival
Guadalajara International Film Festival
Hong Kong International Film Festival
Jeonju International Film Festival
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Moscow International Film Festival
Shanghai International Film Festival

Michiel ten Horn:
First feature film.
ARIE (2009, short), ALEX IN AMSTERDAM (2009, short), BASTA (2007, short).

Pupkin Film
Ph: +31 20 489 5088

Sales: M-appeal

Ph: +49 30 6150 7505

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