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Swedish spotlight on Dutch shorts

17 October 2014

The Uppsala International Short Film Festival this year devotes extensive attention to the Dutch short film, following the celebration of 400 years of diplomatic relations between The Netherlands and Sweden in 2014. Uppsala is the oldest and most prestigious short film festival in Scandinavia.

The festival brings three Dutch focus programs with 23 Dutch short films in total. Various activities are being organized such as a seminar and a Dutch Shorts Panel Discussion.
This all takes place in the presence of Dutch filmmakers, whose films also screen at the festival: Sytske Kok (THE CHINESE WALL, 2002), Saskia Gubbels (THROUGH ELLEN'S EARS, 2011) and Esther Rots & Dan Geesin (EVOLUTION OF SPECIES, 2012). Esther Rots is also the director of DIALOGUE EXERCISE NO1: CITY (2005). Sytske Kok also serves on the International Jury.

In addition to the focus programs, there are Dutch films selected for the official international competition of the festival. They are: THE HORSE AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Nazli Elif Durlu, LOT’S WIFE by Anna Okrasko and ONCE UPON A TREE by Marleen van der Werf.

The 33rd edition of the Uppsala International Short Film Festival takes place 20-26 October 2014. The Dutch focus program is organized in collaboration with EYE International and made possible by the Dutch embassy.

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For more information and a list of all Dutch Short films:
Uppsala International Short Film Festival: www.shortfilmfestival.com

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