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Super Miss by Martijn Smits
Super Miss

Super Miss

In the adventures of Super Miss, the greatest challenge is always to stand up for yourself and learn that you are perfectly fine just the way you are.

Miss Josje seems like an ordinary teacher but if an animal calls out in distress she takes a bite of chalk and turns into Super Miss, shooting through the air like a green tornado saving animals...and even talking with them!

84' / colour

Genre: action/adventure, children's, family
Original title: SUPERJUFFIE
Dir: Martijn Smits
Prod: PVPictures - Paul Voorthuysen
Sc: Tijs van Marle
D.O.P.: Jorrit Garretsen
Completed: September 2018
Language: Dutch
Cast: Diewertje Dir (MISTER TWISTER AT THE PITCH), Hassan Slaby (FURIOUS), Harry Piekema (LONG LIVE THE QUEEN), Carly Wijs (LOVE IS ALL).

Martijn Smits:
POPOZ (2015, feature), KILL ZOMBIE (2011, feature).


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