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Sons of Honour by Sophia Luvarà
Sons of Honour

Sons of Honour

A coming-of-age drama that also follows the crusade of one brave judge. Through him we meet the sons of some of the most dangerous men in Italy.

In the most violent region of Italy - Calabria - the 'Ndrangheta Mafia rules. One of the few people in the region to dare and stand up against organised crime is Judge Di Bella who took the drastic first step of starting a re-education programme that separates teenage boys from their Mafia families to break the cycle of criminality. In each case the goal is straightforward: to show the teenager, who has been groomed for a life of violence and criminality, that there is another way of life.

90' / colour

Original title: SONS OF HONOUR
Dir: Sophia Lovarà
Prod: Witfilm (NL) - Jantien Ekkes
Co-prod: DocLab (NL)
Sc: Sophia Luvarà
D.O.P.: Ton Peters
Completed: summer 2019
Language: Dutch, English, Italian

Sophia Luvarà:
Second feature length documentary.
INSIDE THE CHINESE CLOSET (2015, doc), Road to Fureidis (2011, short doc), The Great Mafia Orange Squeeze (2011, short doc), Pixelated Relations (2010, short doc), Lost in Shanghai (2009, short doc), Birdie (2008, short doc), Virgin Births (2008, short doc).

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