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Single Street 39 by Frank Krom
Single Street 39

Single Street 39

Two single people, one address. Monique and new neighbour Max seem meant for each other, as friends. Just as friends...

Monique (39) is a successful cardiac surgeon. But she's at an age when everyone around her has kids, or is starting a family. For her, career always came first and she never really thought of having children. But when new neighbor Max moves in, they seem meant for one other. Max is fun, attractive, single and, it soon turns out, gay. And he wants more than anything else to start a family. Monique and Max may be very different people, but they are destined to change each other's lives forever...

100' / colour

Genre: romantic drama
Original title: SINGEL 39
Dir: Frank Krom
Prod: Millstreet Films - Rachel van Bommel
Sc: Eddy Terstall
D.O.P.: Joost Rietdijk
Completed: March 2019
Language: Dutch, English
Cast: Lies Visschedijk (Soof, Vipers Nest), Waldemar Torenstra (RON GOOSSENS LOW BUDGET STUNTMAN, MY GRANDPA THE BANKROBBER), Eva van de Wijdeven (SCHNEIDER VS BAX, BORGMAN), Loes Haverkort (SCHNEIDER VS BAX, LITTLE GANGSTER).

Frank Krom:
a.o. SOOF (2017, TV series), FAMILY KRUYS (2017, TV series), SCHAEP AHOY (2007-15, TV series), CHARLIE (2013, TV film), RELATIVES (2010-14, TV series), BIGGER THAN JAMES DEAN (2004, doc), SOLDIER OF ORANGE REVISITED (2002, doc).

Millstreet Films
Ph: +31 20 772 5499

Sales: DFW International
Ph: +31 88 120 2017

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