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Shit Happens by Anna van der Heide
Shit Happens

Shit Happens

When confronted with the disease of the pater familias, all members of the Liefhebber family have to face their fears, faults and troubled inter-relationships.

Jan and Lea, heads of a seemingly stable and loving family, raised their 4 kids believing they could prepare them for real life by teaching them how to push through, never to give up and to be strong. This meant the children could keep their lives pretty much together. But when the family is forced to confront Jan's illness, genuine contact appears to be difficult. Everyone lacks the courage to show their true colors and the vulnerability needed to bring the family closer together.

110' / colour

Genre: comedy, drama
Original title: SHIT HAPPENS
Dir: Anna van der Heide
Prod: Topkapi Films (NL) - Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings
Co-prod: Menuetto Film (BE), BNNVARA (NL)
Sc: Marnie Blok
D.O.P.: Coen Stroeve
Completed: June 2019
Language: Dutch
Cast: Jeroen Krabbé (The Living Daylights, The Fugitive), Hadewych Minis (Borgman, Toni Erdman), Theo Maassen (Black Book, Manslaughter), Jelka Van Houten (Jackie, The Longing).

Anna van der Heide:
a.o. Fidgety Bram (2012, feature), Mr. Frog (2015, feature) Awards: o.a. Best Dutch Film-Cinekid, Golden Calf Best Short-Netherlands FF, Missiepoo16 (2007, short).

Topkapi Films

Ph: +31 20 303 2494

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