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Security Guards by Anneloek Sollart
Security Guards, The

Security Guards, The

Security seems both natural and necessary, but are security guards capable of guaranteeing our safety, or do they only give us a false sense of security?

Security cameras watch over the streets of our cities. A future terrorist attack in the Netherlands is a real possibility. Security seems natural therefore - and, above all, necessary. But are security guards really capable of guaranteeing our safety? Five guards, including Geert Wilders' personal security team, allow our cameras in on their work, where we discover the impact that the threat of danger - and even terrorism - has on their daily lives.

70' / colour    

Original title: DE BEVEILIGERS
Dir: Anneloek Sollart
Prod: Basalt Film - Simone van den Broek        
Sc: Anneloek Sollart
D.O.P.: Jean Counet
Completed: November 2018        
Language: Dutch

Anneloek Sollart:
a.o. Baby Hatch (2015, doc), Rawer (2012, doc) Award: TRT Doc Award, Raw (2008, doc) Awards: a.o. Kinderkast Non-Fiction Jury Award-Cinekid, Short Film Award-Rodos Ecofilms Int. Films & Visual Arts Fest.

Basalt Film
Ph: +31 10 412 6946

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