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Scared of Revelution by Daniel Krikke
Scared of Revolution

Scared of Revolution

A legendary musician goes into a soul searching road trip to find redemption in order to become the father he has never been before.

Umar Bin Hassan takes us back into an environment poisoned by racism, poverty and self-hate. While dealing with an absent father unable to forge lasting emotional ties, Umar chose to be a poet, making his poetry political and shocking; "Niggers are scared of revolution!" But Umar's visionary poetry proved to be more powerful than himself, who fell prey to drugs and self-hate and turned into an absent father himself. 50 years later, he has a second chance; to be the father he could never be before.

72' / colour

Original title: Scared of Revolution
Dir: Daniel Krikke
Prod: Ideefix - Daniel Krikke
Sc:  Daniel Krikke
D.O.P.: Thomas Fibbe
Completed: October 2018        
Language: English

Daniel Krikke:
First feature length documentary.

+31 6 5276 2620

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IDFA Int Doc Festival Amsterdam