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Rico & Indy by Nirit Peled
Rico & Indy

Rico & Indy

Rico (14) is given a puppy called Indy. If Rico can train Indy as a certified police dog, he'll be able to sell her for a lot of money. But during the three years of training, Rico and Indy become best friends. Will he still be able to sell her?

18' / colour

Original title: RICO & INDY
Dir: Nirit Peled
Prod: Hazazah Pictures - Maarten Kuit
Completed: October 2018
Language: Dutch

Nirit Peled:
a.o. RADICAL IN BIRMINGHAM (2017, TV doc), BLACK LIVES MATTER (2016, TV doc), SAY MY NAME (2009, doc).

Hazazah Pictures

Ph: +31 20 422 6422

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