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Possessed by Metahaven and Rob Schröder


Possessed depicts the effects of the smartphone on our society and our self-image.

Possessed veers between hard-edge documentary and dreamscape, to launch its complaint about the absorbing world of the smartphone. The millennial protagonist discovers a forgotten past among post-communist remains, and recounts childhood memories looking for new collectivism and empathy. Political theorists Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek provide analytical interruptions.

67’ /  colour

Genre: documentary

Original title: POSSESSED
Dir: Metahaven, Rob Schröder
Prod: Dutch Mountain Film - Wilant Boekelman, René Huybrechtse, Ernst de Jong, Rogier Kramer
Sc: Metahaven, Rob Schröder   
D.O.P.: Remko Schnorr
Completed: January 2018
Language: English
Cast: Olivia Lonsdale (SILK ROAD, PRINS)

HOMETOWN (2018, short), INFORMATION SKIES (2016, short), THE SPRAWL (2016, doc).

Rob Schröder:
MEET THE FOKKENS (2012, doc) Awards: a.o. Prix Europa; Best European TV Documentary

Dutch Mountain Film
Ph: +31 20 688 1843

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