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Polyp by David Eilander


For a few days, fifteen-year-old Djarno returns to his parents at the travelling funfair, where he is confronted with the painful decision his father made in the past. How do you say goodbye to your childhood when you desperately want to hang on to it?

11' / colour

Genre: drama, coming of age
Original title: POLYP
Dir: David Eilander
Prod: New Amsterdam Film Company - Sander Verdonk, Julius Ponten, Miel van Welzen
Sc: Ashar Medina, David Eilander
Completed: September 2018
Language: Dutch

David Eilander:
ZARA'S MAGIC BOOTS (2018, TV series), HEADING SOUTH (2016, graduation short), BERND'S JOURNEY (2014, short), BLUES FOR EURYDICE (2013, short), DRIES (2011, short).

New Amsterdam Film Company
Ph: +31 20 820 2308

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