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‘Now something is slowly changing’ by Menna Laura Meijer
‘Now something is slowly changing’

‘Now something is slowly changing’

A clear-cut, distinctly visual film about our present-day search for meaning, personal growth and performance improvement.

Now something is slowly changing is a clear-cut, distinctly visual portrayal of the present-day coaching and training culture. Using only fixed, wide camera angles, the film investigates different forms of self-development and courses for inner growth and performance improvement. Without protagonists, interviews or voice-overs the film observes, for instance, animal assisted therapy sessions, a class in happiness for primary school children, a training session in dealing with tension and aggression for city law enforcement officers and a vlogger trying to calm her stressed-out followers with gentle, relaxing sounds. It is left up to the spectator to decide whether these mindfulness training programs and coaching courses symbolize something bigger. Where did this search for self-improvement come from? Are we ever good enough?

105' / colour
Original title: De Maakbare Mens
Dir: Menna Laura Meijer / mint film office
Prod: mint film office
Sc: mint film office
D.O.P.: David Spaans
Completed: October 2018   
Language: Dutch

Menna Laura Meijer / mint film office:
We Margiela (2017, doc), Sex? Yes Please! (2015, mid-length doc), Estonia (2014, doc)
69 Love Sex Senior (2013, doc) Awards: Best Documentary Love & Peace FF Sweden.

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