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Netherlands receives Shorts Award 2014

March 2nd,  2014

At the annual ShortsHD International Shorts Awards in Los Angeles, the Netherlands was presented with the International Shorts Award for 2014. The ceremony took place in the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, on Saturday March 1st, one day before the Oscar Ceremony. The event was attended by the Hollywood Press, Governors, senior members and nominees of the Academy of Motion Pictures.

Several Dutch organisations have been awarded. Eye International received the award “for creating significant opportunities for Dutch short movies at international festivals, international media organisations and with commercial partners; and the significant promotion of the Dutch short film industry to the global film market”.

Together with EYE International two other Dutch organisations received an award. The Netherlands Film Fund for their expertise and financial support of the short film industry in the Netherlands. And UPC Netherlands was awarded for their support on launching the first dedicated short film channel in the Netherlands. At the ceremony one primary Award was presented to The Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The International Shorts Award is annually presented by Shorts International to recognize one nation's role in promotion or establishing filmmaking and especially short filmmaking, within its borders through its private companies and/or through its institutions. In previous years the award has been given to Flanders and Turkey.

The Awards Show will be broadcast on ShortsTV in Europe and ShortsHD in the USA.

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