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Naval Cadets by Walter Stokman
Navy Mids

Navy Mids

The film follows future naval officers at the Royal Netherlands Naval College during their first military initiation on the island of Texel, and on their first trip on a naval vessel in the Baltic Sea, where they learn the ropes on board as a lower class seaman. These youngsters choose a life that will not be easy. What does this tell us about them, and furthermore about the time we are living in?
80’ / DCP / colour      

Original title: ADELBORSTEN
Dir: Walter Stokman
Prod: IJswater Films (NL)
Co-prod: BNN (NL)       
Sc: Walter Stokman           
D.O.P.: Jacko van ’t Hof, Myrthe Mosterman
Completed: mid 2014       
Language: Dutch (English subtitles)   

Walter Stokman:
a.o. DIRTY WINDOW (2012, doc), SCENA DEL CRIMINI (2010, doc) Award: Special Mention Art Competition Grand Prix Docudays Kiev, LIKE AN ANIMAL (2009, short doc), RAIN BEHIND YOUR EYES (2008, short doc), THE WEST LUSAKA MAN (2006, doc), BASED ON A TRUE STORY (2005, doc) Award: Grand Jury Award Seattle FF, ARTEK, THE IDEAL SUMMER CAMP (2003, short doc).

IJswater Films
Ph: +31 20 442 1760

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