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Cannes Film Festival 2013

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Line-up Cannes International Film Festival 2013




Dir: Alex van Warmerdam
(feature, 113’)    
Prod: Graniet Film, info@granietfilm.nl, www.granietfilm.nl
Sales: Fortissimo Films, info@fortissimo.nl, www.fortissimo.nl
Borgman’s arrival in the tree-lined avenues of an exclusive residential area is the beginning of a series of unsettling events around the carefully constructed facade of a wealthy couple, their three children and the nanny.
Sun May 19, 08:30 Lumière (press screening)
Sun May 19, 14:30 Lumière (festival screening)
Sun May 19, 22:00 Lumière (gala premiere)
Mon May 20, 11:45 Salle 60e (festival screening)
Mon May 20, 16:00 Olympia 1 (market screening)
Tue May 21, 12:00 Palais I (market screening)


Dir: Amat Escalante
(feature, 105’)
NL Producer: Lemming Film, info@lemmingfilm.com, www.lemmingfilm.com
Sales: NDM, ndm.sales@mantarraya.com, www.mantarraya.com
Estela is a 12 year old girl who has just fallen crazy in love with a young police cadet who wants to run away with her and get married. Trying to achieve this dream, her family will have to live the violence that is devastating the region.
Wed May 15, 19:30 Debussy (press screening)
Wed May 15, 21:30 Bazin (press screening)
Thu May 16, 11:00 Lumière (official screening)
Thu May 16, 22:00 Lumière (gala premiere)
Fri May 17, 14:30 Salle 60e (day after screening)
Fri May 17, 16:00 Palais I (market screening)
Sat May 18, 11:30 Star 4 (market screening)
Sun May 19, 14:00 Palais I (market screening)



Dir: Bobby Boermans
(feature, 80’)
Prod: 2CFilm, www.c2film.nl
Sales: High Point Media Group, info@highpointfilms.co.uk, www.highpointfilms.co.uk
A young psychology student is drawn into the dark and fearful world of a diabolic and mysterious App that starts to terrorise her, distributing compromising photographs, videos and text messages about herself.
Sat May 18, 11:30 Riviera 4
Mon May 20, 11:30 Palais H

Dir: George Sluizer
(feature, 86’)    
Prod: Sluizer Films, sluizerfilms@neuf.fr, www.georgesluizer.com, www.darkbloodthemovie.com
Sales: Cinemavault, admin@cinemavault.com, www.cinemavault.com
When a jet-set couple are stranded in the desert, they are first rescued and then held prisoner by a young widower.
Thu May 16, 13:30 Lerins 1
Tue May 21, 15:30 Lerins 1

The Domino Effect
Dir: Paula van der Oest
(feature, 96’)
Prod: Kasander Film, info@kasanderfilm.nl, www.kasanderfilm.nl
Sales: ARRI World Sales, arripost@arri.de, www.arri.de
Because of the credit crisis, the lives of different people at different places in the world are suddenly connected.
Sat May 18, 15:30 Palais J

Frankenstein's Army
Dir: Richard Raaphorst
(feature, 84’)
NL prod: Pellicola, info@pellicola.nl, www.pellicola.nl
Sales: MPI Media Group, info@mpimedia.com, www.mpimedia.com
A battalion of soldiers is lured into the secret lab of a deranged scientist, and they are forced to face off against an army of horrific war machines created from flesh and metal.
Sat May 18, 18:00 Palais K

It's All So Quiet
Dir: Nanouk Leopold
(feature, 94’)   
Prod: Circe Films, stienette@circe.nl, www.circe.nl / N279 Entertainment, els@isabellafilms.com, http://n279entertainment.com
Sales: Films Distribution, info@filmsdistribution.com, www.filmsdistribution.com
Helmer, a middle aged farmer, takes care of his old father, but would like to start a new life without him.
Wed May 22, 10:00 Riviera 3

Dir: Diederik Ebbinge
(feature, 87’)
Prod: Column Film, info@columnfilm.com, www.columnfilm.com
Sales: Media Luna New Films, idamartins@medialuna.biz, www.medialuna.biz
One day the tramp Leo wanders into the life of lonely Fred and turns his well-organized life upside down. But with Leo’s special talent Fred again slowly starts to set out into the wide world to finally fulfill his dream...
Tue May 21, 11:30 Lerins 1

Raw Herring
Dir: Leonard Retel Helmrich, Hetty Naaijkens
(documentary, 85’)
Prod: In-Soo Productions, mail@in-soo.com, www.in-soo.com
Sales: First Hand Films, stories@firsthandfilms.com, www.firsthandfilms.com
Fished for over a thousand years, the Hollandse Nieuwe (Dutch New Herring) is a phenomenon that has become a national cultural icon. More recently, the Dutch herring fleet has lost a great deal of its importance as only two vessels are now fishing for herring under the Dutch flag.
Mon May 20, 09:30 Riviera 4

Silent Ones
Dir: Ricky Rijneke
(feature, 95’)
Prod: Rotterdam Films, info@rotterdamfilms.nl, www.rotterdamfilms.nl
Sales: WIDE Management, infos@widemanagement.com, www.widemanagement.com
After her brother's disappearance, a young woman leaves aboard a cargo ship to keep her promise of finding a better life.
Thu May 16, 15:30 Palais F
Mon May 20, 11:15 Pavilion 113 (Eye on Films screening)

Die Welt
Dir: Alex Pitstra
(feature, 80’)
Prod: Alex Pitstra Media, alexpitstra@gmail.com, www.alexpitstra.nl
Sales: Premium Films, olivier.heitz@premium-films.com, www.premium-films.com
Tunisia dreams of a better Tunisia. Abdallah dreams of a better life.
Wed May 22,12:00 Palais E

The Zigzag Kid
Dir: Vincent Bal
(feature, 90’)
Prod: BosBros, info@bosbros.com, www.bosbros.nl
Sales: Attraction Distribution, info@attractiondistribution.ca, www.attractiondistribution.ca
On a train ride 13-year old Nono meets master-burglar Felix. While they commit a couple of crimes
together and the police starts chasing them, Nono discovers the true story about his father and his
deceased mother. And also a lot about himself....
Fri May 17, 16:00 Palais H
Mon May 20, 17:30
Palais H

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