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Launch of Private Kitchen

15 February 2021

The first edition of Private Kitchen has been launched. Private Kitchen is the magazine that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of media music and its composers. The online magazine is produced and edited by Muziekinstituut MultiMedia (MiMM) in collaboration with Film Festival ShortCutz Amsterdam.

This first edition is centered around film music. It includes a talk show with Han Otten and Maurits Overdulve about their music for the international feature film "Marionette"; a video interview with Jorrit Kleijnen, who joined us from his studio; a video call with Vidjay Beerepoot about his decade-long career in Hollywood; and a column by the renowned English composer Chris Smith.

Private Kitchen is published monthly, and the first five themes are Film, Identity, Games, Interactive Sound Art and Theater. The magazine is in English because nowadays media composers are active on an international stage.

Executive producer and editor of Private Kitchen are the composers Loek Dikker and Rens Machielse (MIMM), with Sebastiaan Donders as producer and designer. João Rodrigues is responsible for audiovisual coordination and Alexa Rodrigues hosts the talk show, supported by co-host Simon de Koning.

Private Kitchen is funded by Buma Music in Motion and SENA Performers, and facilitated by Splendor Amsterdam (location).

Source: www.privatekitchen.nl

For more information:

Muziekinstituut MultiMedia
Loek Dikker (+31 (0)6-51499232)
Rens Machielse (+31 (0)6-38237630)

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