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Lamentations of Judas by Boris Gerrets
Lamentations of Judas

Lamentations of Judas

Angolan veterans who once fought in white South Africa's colonial wars are the protagonists in a film about betrayal, free will and repentance.

Known as 'The Terrible Ones', Angolan soldiers who once fought in white South Africa's colonial wars now languish among the ruins of a former asbestos mining town at the edge of the Kalahari. A confrontation with their past occurs when the town's broken buildings are transformed into a film-set and the soldiers become actors in the story of Judas. Pivoting between biblical myth and today's reality, the film explores notions of betrayal and free will, bringing into focus the paradox of being both perpetrator and victim.

90' / colour

Dir: Boris Gerrets
Prod: Witfilm (NL) - Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole, KV films (NL) - Eric Velthuis
Sc: Boris Gerrets
D.O.P.: Nic Hofmeyr
Completed: summer 2019
Language: South African, Portuguese, Tswana

Boris Gerrets:
a.o. SHADO'MAN (2014, doc), PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM (2010, doc) Award: Best Mid-Length Doc-IDFA, DRIVING DREAMS (2006, short doc), GARDEN STORIES (2004, short doc).

Ph: +31 20 688 5049

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