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Kala-a-zar by Janis Rafa


A hybrid film about a young couple who watch over dead animals as a way of giving meaning to their lives.

In a remote city a young couple named Kala and Azar collect deceased animals, take them to a pet crematorium and deliver the ashes to the owners. During their journeys and rituals, the couples' relationship with life and death is revealed. Within the same landscape, Kala's parents Olga and Tassos live close to a poultry farm. One night Tassos - together with the Pakistani workers - perform Verdi's Marcia Funebre requiem at the factory as a tribute to the doomed creatures.

85' / colour

Genre: drama, experimental, hybrid
Original title: KALA-A-ZAR
Dir: Janis Rafa
Prod: SNG Film (NL) - Digna Sinke
Co-prod: Heretic (GR)
Sc: Janis Rafa
D.O.P.: Thodoris Michopoulos
Completed: September 2019
Language: no dialogue
Cast: Penelope Tsilika (LITTLE ENGLAND), Giorgos Lalos.

Janis Rafa:
First feature film.
GRAVEDIGGERS (2014, short), REQUIEM TO A SHIPWRECK (2014, short).

SNG Film
Ph: +31 20 686 7837

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