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IDFA 2020: Industry: Dutch Core

16 November 2020

A Dutch CORE at Docs for Sale

Dutch CORE, the sales partner of NPO, the umbrella organisation of Dutch broadcasters, is eyeing up a busy IDFA Docs for Sale market, with a slew of new titles available for global licensing.

Dutch CORE Sales Manager Margaret Stanneveld outlines her company's raison d'etre before highlighting some of the key titles she will be bringing to Docs for Sale 2020. In addition to representing all the major Dutch broadcasters, the company also acts as a sales agent for an increasing number of Dutch independent producers as well as the VRT, the Flemish Public Broadcasting system, specialising in sales and pre-sales of documentaries, drama series and youth programmes.

Throughout the year, Dutch CORE has all the major Dutch and international markets in its sights. Within the Netherlands these include IDFA Docs for Sale, IFFR, the Netherlands Film Festival and Cinekid, and internationally the company is active at the likes of Thessaloniki Documentary Market, MIPDOC & MIPTV, Sheffield Doc Fest, MIPJUNIOR & MIPCOM, DOK Leipzig and the Asia TV Market.

"COVID-19 has urged us to rethink the traditions of content business and come up with new solutions to strengthen our online presence and network. We're diversifying into new markets to bring internationally relevant Dutch stories to the world," Stanneveld underlines.

For Docs for Sale, Stanneveld points out how Dutch CORE has selected the "most intriguing top titles" from both the Netherlands and Flanders, from heroic world war stories to true crime documentaries. These latest titles will be available to screen on the Docs for Sale page. Details of other doc titles are available on the Dutch CORE website. (https://www.dutch-core.com/programs/documentary#content).

Highlights of the Lowlands (available to screen through Docs for Sale)

Truus' Children (60' or 90') by Pamela Sturhoofd & Jessica van Tij
Before and during WWII, the Dutch war hero Truus Wijsmuller saved the lives of thousands of Jewish children. She was a woman so convinced of her mission that she flew to Vienna to negotiate a deal with Adolf Eichmann to let 10,000 mainly Jewish children leave their birth countries and flee to England and the Netherlands. In this documentary, 23 of the children look back on the extraordinary events. Together with an authentic recording of Truus Wijsmuller, a story that the world needs to see, about how to make a difference. Production: Special Eyes Productions (NL)

Highway of Tears (50') by Hans Pool (Bellingcat - Truth in the Post-Truth World which world-premiered at IDFA 2018)
In Canada, indigenous women are six times more likely than white women to meet a violent end. The Highway of Tears is an endless road in the province of British Columbia where, since the 1970's, at least nineteen women and girls have disappeared (although unofficial estimates number more than 40). Most of them belonged to the indigenous population. The incidents are not isolated, but are said to be the result of over a hundred years of colonial policy. In this documentary, the filmmakers speak to the relatives of a girl who disappeared along the Highway of Tears twenty-five years ago. Even today, the disappearances haven't come to an end. Producer: VPRO

Backlight: Fighting for the Truth (50' & 30') by Bregtje van der Haak, Martijn Kieft
What role remains for independent thinkers, activists and artists in today's China, especially with the new security law in Hong Kong? With the COVID-19 crisis, it has become clear that China is gaining influence within the world order. So how can we try to understand the country when it is difficult to get reliable information? Officially released figures are debatable and critical Chinese citizens are at risk. The influential Chinese artist Ai Weiwei speaks about his experience with censorship and the policies of the Communist Party. What role remains for independent thinkers, activists and artists in today's China, especially with the new security law in Hong Kong? Producer: VPRO

Other films on the Dutch CORE Docs for Sale slate include Little Survivors (Nicky Maas/Lotte Knaepen), Mad About Truffles (Jascha de Wilde/Ben Hendriks), Ms. Faber (Hjalmar Tim Ilmer), Toxic Masculinity (Hans Pool), The Eternal War (VRT) and Unpaved Road to Peace (Jaap Van't Kruis). Plus more films in the Backlight series: A Peak at the Rich (Britta Hosman), Corona Crash (Marije Meerman), Manosphere (Nordin Lansfar) and Tomorrow's Virus (Rob van Hattum). 

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