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Human Nature by Sverre Fredriksen
Human Nature

Human Nature

Human Nature is a short animation film about the love animals have for people, and the harm they consciously or unconsciously cause to us.

2' / colour

Genre: stop motion animation, drama
Original title: HUMAN NATURE
Dir: Sverre Fredriksen, co-directed by Zaou Vaughan
Prod: Family Affair Films - Noortje Wilschut, Chris Stenger, Floor Onrust
Sc: Britt Snel
Animation: Zaou Vaughan, Sverre Fredriksen, Marike Verbiest
Puppetmast: Zaou Vaughan
Completed: June 2019    
Language: no dialogue

Sverre Fredriksen:
a.o. CLOACINAE (2017, short), POWER UP (2005, short).

Family Affair Films
Ph: +31 20 707 1713

Sales: SND Films
Ph: +31 20 404 0707

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