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Hood Is a Movie by Judith de Leeuw
Hood Is a Movie

Hood Is a Movie

This film starts out as an inquiry into the history of a cabin in the Dutch town of Den Helder where men from the Dutch Antilles came together in 'the hood'. The cabin was demolished. But what really happened? And who is most entitled to tell the story?

25' / colour

Original title: EEN FILM OF ZO
Dir: Judith de Leeuw
Prod: 9 Stories - Tamara Vuurmans
Completed: September 2018
Language: Dutch

Judith de Leeuw:

WELCOME TO THE HEAVENLY EARTH (2016, short doc), BADEMEISTERS (2015, short doc), STUFF EVERYWHERE (2011, short doc).

9 Stories

Ph: +31 6 2615 4171

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