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The Good Terrorist by Robert Oey
Good Terrorist, The

Good Terrorist, The

A former Islamic fundamentalist changes from a hateful and spiteful jihadist to a free citizen who renounces violence.

Eight days after the gruesome murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, the Netherlands witnessed a failed terror attack by Islamic fundamentalists. Jason Walters and Ismael Aknikh were arrested by Dutch Special Police after a 14-day siege of their flat. Jason was sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment at the Terrorist Unit prison in Vught, but over this period underwent a transformation from hateful jihadist into a man of peace.

80' / colour

Original title: THE GOOD TERRORIST
Dir: Robert Oey
Prod: Zeppers Film - Frank van den Engel
Sc: Robert Oey
D.O.P.: Reinier van Bummelen, Rogier den Boer
Completed: January 2019
Language: Dutch, English, French

Robert Oey:

a.o. THE MISSION (2016, doc), TODAY WE ARE BUYING AN AIRPLANE (2015, short doc), FALLEN (2012, doc), THE LIE (2010, doc), SAFETY FIRST (2008, short doc), THE SWIMMERS (2007, short doc), THE TERRORIST (2005, short doc), 24/7 (2005, short doc), WONDERLAND (2004, doc), WHAT'S EATING SERBIA? (2002, doc).

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