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Give Me Shelter by Saskia Gubbels
Give Me Shelter

Give Me Shelter

In an animal shelter, vulnerable animals and people come up against today's spirit of the age, in which love and compassion are weighed against efficacy and results.

In the Netherlands' largest animal shelter, dogs, cats and rabbits are being groomed for their reintegration into society; caring staff watches over the animals with loving care and endless patience, making them as comfortable as they can with physiotherapy, socialization trainings and periodic trimming sessions. In the midst of these day-to-day operations, the question arises 'in the end, who is taking care of who'?

80' / colour    

Original title: DIERBAREN
Dir: Saskia Gubbels
Prod: Doxy (NL) - Janneke Doolaard
Co-prod: BNN (NL)        
Sc: Saskia Gubbels            
D.O.P.: Jean Counet, Maasja Ooms
Completed: summer 2019        
Language: Dutch

Saskia Gubbels:

First  feature length documentary.
a.o. When I Look in the Mirror (2012, short doc).

Ph: +31 20 238 0505

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