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From the Netherlands at Les Arcs

11 December 2019

5 Dutch (co-)productions have been selected for the Les Arcs Film Festival.

Instinct*, directed by Halina Reijn and produced by Topkapi Films (sales: Films Boutique) will have its French premiere as part of the Official Competition. Reijn's directorial debut had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival where it won the Variety Piazza Grande Award, and has since traveled to several other prestigious festivals among which Toronto and BFI London. The film has also been selected as the Dutch entry for the upcoming Oscars.
Starring Carice van Houten (Brimstone*, Game of Thrones) and Marwan Kenzari (Wolf*, Aladdin), Instinct is a psychological thriller about an experienced psychologist working in a penal institution who becomes obsessed with a sex offender who appears to be ready to return to society.

Two Dutch short films are presented in the Short Film Competition:

Flow*, directed by Adriaan Lokman and produced by Valk Productions (sales: Some Shorts), celebrated its world premiere at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Flow has won several prizes including the Equilibristic Prize for Best Experimental Film at the Insomnia Festival and the Best Experimental Film Award at the Festival du Film Court en Armagnac.
Lokman's short film reveals our daily lives and existence through the most vital element surrounding us. Brushstrokes of air in all its subtle, gentle, powerful and inner manifestations affect our fragile existence in the most unpredictable of ways.

Thessa Meijer's short film Heat, produced by Halal is a horror comedy about a shy girl who seeks refuge in an ice cream shop during an extreme heatwave. It had its world premiere at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival in Spain.

The Dutch minority co-production Patrick*, directed by Tim Mielants (Dutch co-producer: Topkapi Films), will be shown as part of the festival's Playtime section. The film world premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival where it won the award for Best Director.

Another Dutch minority co-production that has been selected for the festival is Alanté Kavaité's Summer* (Dutch co-producer: Viking Film). The film world premiered at Sundance International Film Festival in 2015 and has been very succesful in the festival citrcuit. It will be screened in Les Arcs' Focus programme.

Alberto de Michele's project The Last Ride of the Wolves*, produced by Halal, has been selected for the festival's Work in Progress sessions.

The Les Arcs Film Festival takes place from 14-21 December.

For more information: www.lesarcs-filmfest.com

*supported by the Netherlands Film Fund


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