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The Flying Dog by Johannes Hogebrink
Flying Dog, The

Flying Dog, The

Johannes Hogebrink is an artist with a dream: inspired by Laika and Otto Lilienthal, he wants to teach his dog how to fly.

Making a movie about teaching his dog Chayka to fly should provide for Johannes' daughter and his Russian girlfriend. But his dog is afraid of heights. Hoping Chayka can become the dog to make his dream come true, Johannes decides the best way to help the dog overcome his trauma is to take to the skies...

75' / colour

Original title: DE VLIEGENDE HOND
Dir: Johannes Hogebrink
Prod: Dutch Mountain Film (NL) - Wilant Boekelman, René Huybrechtse, Ernst de Jong, Rogier Kramer
Co-prod: Satel Film (AT)
Sc: Thomas van der Ree
D.O.P.: Erwan van Buuren
Completed: December 2018
Language: Dutch

Johannes Hogebrink:

First feature length documentary.
HOLD YOUR BREATH (2016,short doc), OTTO LILIENTHAL'S FIRST FILM (2016, animated short).

Dutch Mountain Film
Ph: +31 20 688 1843

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