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Filmmaker and musician Rosto dies at 50

12 March 2019

On Friday 8 March, film production company Autour de Minuit announced that the Dutch multimedia artist Rosto has passed away. The creator of acclaimed fantasy productions such as Anglobilly Feverson, The Monster of Nix and the Thee Wreckers Tetralogy has only reached the age of 50. His work has been shown at many international festivals.

Why would an artist limit himself to one discipline? Rosto (1969) made video clips, graphic novels, animations (digital, analogue and live action), paintings, photos and drawings; he preferably blended all these forms into a whole. From the start, he was a quirky, very talented maker with a unique style and voice. In 1998, Rosto - educated at the Utrecht School of the Arts - founded his own production company, media and design studio Rosto A.D.

With the online graphic novel Mind My Gap as his starting point, he made two dark animations that attracted international attention: The Rise and Fall of Anglobilly Feverson (2002) and Jona / Tomberry (2005), winner of the prestigious Grand Prix Semaine de la Critique of the Cannes film festival.

The desire for surrealism and the fascination for apocalyptic, nightmare-like narratives that are built up layer after layer and contain many mutual, cinematic references remained a constant in Rosto's work.

After his video clip for Dutch artist Anouk (The Dark, 2000), Rosto became more famous. The animated musical The Monster of Nix (2011) - with the voices of Tom Waits and Terry Gilliam - was the Dutch entry for the Oscars (Best Animated Shorts); The Thee Wreckers Tetralogy (No Place Like Home, 2008; Lonely Bones, 2012; Splintertime, 2015; Reruns, 2018) also attracted international attention.

In 2018, Rosto premiered Reruns at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival where his career was also honored. The short represents the conclusion of his tetralogy of films following members of a rock band known as Thee Wreckers, which was in turn inspired by Rosto’s former rock group that performed in the Nineties.

Like the previous entries in the Thee Wreckers series (No Place Like Home, Lonely Bones, and Splintertime), Reruns, is based on the music that Rosto performed with his band and blended animation, live-action sequences, and music for an eerie and otherworldly vision. This weekend, just days after Rosto’s passing, Reruns was awarded the Grand Prix for Best International Short Film at Anima - Brussels Animation Film Festival. The festival also dedicated its closing ceremony to the filmmaker. By winning the Grand Prix, Reruns will be eligible for an Oscar in the Best Animated Short Film category. Before his death, Rosto was busy preparing for his first feature film.

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