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R U There by David Verbeek

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Film Institutions

Industry Guide > Film Institutions
Association VEVAM
Sylvia Brandsteder
Postbus 3060
2130 KB Hoofddorp
Ph. +31 238 700211
Profile: VEVAM is a collective copyright collecting organization for directors in the film and television industries.
BINGER Filmlab
Vicky Serao
Arie Biemondstraat 111
1054 PD Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 5307110
Profile: Binger is an Amsterdam based international feature-film and documentary development centre.
Writers, directors and producers bring their projects to an inspiring environment of fellow filmmakers.
They are coached by internationally acclaimed advisors.
Cinema Delicatessen
Sara Höhner
Jan Luijkenstraat 2
1071 CM Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 4207123
F. +31 20 4207124
Profile: Cinema Delicatessen is a distributor of documentaries on the big screen in Dutch film theatres. At present fifteen theatres show the Cinema Delicatessen documentaries. The films are projected by means of a digital projection system. In November 2004 a pan-European digital cinema network was opened, CinemaNet Europe, of which 35 theatres in the Netherlands are part.
Jeanine Hage
PO Box 26444; postvak M54
1202 JJ Hilversum
Ph. +31 35 6775348
Profile: The fund encourages co-productions between national public broadcasters and independent film producers for featurefilms and documentaries
Mediafund (Dutch Cultural Media Fund )
(Mediafonds - Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Mediaproducties)
Hans Maarten van den Brink
Herengracht 609
1017 CE Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 623 3901
F. +31 20 6257456
Profile: The Mediafund aims at encouraging the development and production of cultural radio, television and eCulture programmes by the national and regional public broadcasting companies.
Dutch Culture
PO Box 15648
1001 NC Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6164 225
Dutch Culture is the centre for international cooperation. Dutch Culture supports, promotes and realises international cultural collaboration. The organisation brings people, organisations, knowledge and cultures together, where culture, media and heritage are trans-national.
European Foundation Joris Ivens
André Stufkens
PO Box 606
6500 AP Nijmegen
Ph. +31 24 388 8774
F. +31 24 388 8776
Profile: Keeper of Joris Ivens' personal archive and related collections. For any questions concering Ivens.
IJpromenade 1
1031 KT Amsterdam
Postbus 37767
1030 BJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Ph. +31 20 5891400
Profile: National institute for Dutch film: archive, collections, film theatre, temporary exhibitions, film distribution, information centre (library), international marketing & promotion.
Film in Friesland
Office address:
Ruiterskwartier 6
8911 BP Leeuwarden
PO Box 523
8901 BH Leeuwarden
Ph. +31 58 - 213 73 96
Profile: Film in Friesland is the overall organisation of the following organisations:
-Filmhouse Leeuwarden  www.filmhuisleeuwarden.nl
-Fries Film Archive  www.friesfilmarchief.nl 
-Northern Film Festival  www.noordelijkfilmfestival.nl
-Filmhouses in the cities Drachten, Heerenveen en Sneek
Frisian Film Archive
Office address:
Boterhoek 1
8911 DH Leeuwarden
PO Box: 2637
8901 AC Leeuwarden
Ph. +31 (0)58 - 789 07 14
Profile: Regional institute for Frisian film: archive of Frisian filmmakers, Frisian collections and information centre of Frisian film.
Foundation for the Exploitation of Cable-Television Rights SEKAM
PO Box 581
1000 AN Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 6765088
F. +31 20 6765837
Profile: Its objective is to promote the interests of producers of films and other audio-visual works in the exploitation of these works when retransmitted by cable. The Dutch producers of audio-visual works are affiliates of SEKAM.
House of Shorts
Sydney Neter
Leidsestraat 106
1017 PG Amsterdam
Ph. + 31 20 4040707
F. +31 20  4040708
Cell: +31 6 54955266
Profile: House of Shorts is the first Dutch short film bureau. It promotes short and experimental films, stimulates distributon, plans short screenings and initiates educational projects in the Netherlands. It will be THE place for filmmakers, producers distributors and broadcasters.
Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)
PO Box 1060
1200 BB Hilversum
Ph. +31 35 6773434
F. + 31 35 6772835
The Netherlands Association of Locationscouts and -managers
(Nederlandse associatie van lokatiescouts & lokatiemanagers/NAL)
Nieuwe Hoogstraat 1-d
1011 HC Amsterdam
Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA)
Bart Römer
Markenplein 1
1011 MV Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 5277333
F. +31 20 5277344
Profile: The Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) is one of the leading international schools for professional training in film and quality television. The NFTA offers a 4-year, fulltime BA in eight fields of specialization: directing (fiction or documentary), camera/light, sound design, scriptwriting, production design, editing, interactive multimedia / visual effects, producing.
During their time with us, students of the BA course specialize in one of the aforementioned fields. The academy´s goal is to give its students a profound understanding of film and television. In that sense, theory and practice and the development and production of a film are given equal emphasis, although this shifts during the study.
Since 2009, the NFTA also offers a Master's Degree Programme in Film. This two-year English language programme for filmmakers, visual artists and digital media specialists focuses on research and development.
Netherlands Film Fund
Doreen Boonekamp (CEO)
Pijnackerstraat 5
1072 JS Amsterdam
Ph. +31 20 5707676
F. +31 20 5707689
Profile: The Netherlands Film Fund is responsible for coordinating national support to the film-industry in the Netherlands. The Fund provides loans for the development, production and distribution of fiction films, documentaries (both feature-length and short) and of children’s and animation films.
Rutger Hauer Filmfactory
Helen Zwaan
PO Box 29054
3001 GB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Cell: +31 6 27092299
Profile: The Rutger Hauer Filmfactory organizes international masterclasses, workshops and courses for professional filmmakers form all over the world, students in the film and audiovisual sector and talented school children.

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