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Fight Girl by Johan Timmers
Fight Girl

Fight Girl

When Bo's parents separate, she moves to a suburb and is invited to join a kickboxing club where she discovers she has a considerable talent...

When her parents go through an acrimonious divorce, the headstrong and highly volatile Bo (12) moves to an Amsterdam suburb with her mother and brother. Once there, her neighbour Joy introduces her to the kickboxing club. Bo demonstrates natural talent and is very soon taking part in the Dutch championships. However, her parents' divorce is so distracting that Bo threatens to ruin the contest. She has to learn restraint and to accept that she can't control everything.

84' / colour

Genre: children's, drama, family
Original title: VECHTMEISJE
Dir: Johan Timmers
Prod: The Film Kitchen (NL) - Ineke Kanters & Jan van der Zanden
Co-prod: A Private View (BE)
Sc: Barbara Jurgens
D.O.P.: Jeroen de Bruin
Completed: October 2018
Language: Dutch
Cast: Aiko Beemsterboer (THE FANTASTIC FAMILY HOTEL, BOYS WILL BE BOYS), Noa Farinum, Imanuelle Grives (BLACK BOOTY), Bas Keizer (COBAIN).

Festivals & awards a.o.:
BUFF International Children and Young People's Film Festival - City of Malmö Children's Film Award and ECFA Award

Johan Timmers:
a.o. ACCORDING TO JACQUELINE (2015, TV series), MIRACLE MONKS (2014, feature), LOONIES 2 (2014, feature), ODD BLOOD (2010, feature).

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