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Drømmeland by Joost van der Wiel


Escaping society for a life in the Norwegian mountains with only his horse Lettir as for companionship, Nils shares his dream-life with the online world.

60-year-old Nils has turned his back on society and has taken refuge in a small wooden cabin in the mountains of Norway. Despite his attempt to distance himself from the world, Nils has brought his cell phone and succumbs to the great urge to remain in contact with those he left behind. This documentary observes Nils trying to find the balance between nature, himself and his family.

70' / colour

Original title: DRØMMELAND
Dir: Joost van der Wiel
Prod: Conijn Film - Wout Conijn
Sc: Joost van der Wiel
D.O.P.: Rogier Timmermans
Completed: January 2019
Language: Norwegian

Joost van der Wiel:

First feature length documentary.
THE SHEPHERD (2016, short doc) Awards: a.o. Best Short Doc-All True Int. Doc FF, Special Mention-Gdańsk Doc FF.

Conijn Film
Ph: +31 6 4123 5289

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