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Dreamlife by Melvin Moti


A caver awakens from a deep sleep into an infinite dream...

In the 1960s, at the height of the Space Race, 23-year-old French geologist Michel Siffre decided to live in an underground cave for two months to conduct experiments on how the human body deals with isolation. The film DREAMLIFE is inspired by Siffre's autobiographical story, and combines fictional elements that speak about the beginning of art, the development of consciousness and the experiences of a human body in a non-human environment.

100' / colour

Genre: action/adventure, drama, experimental
Original title: DREAMLIFE
Dir: Melvin Moti
Prod: KeyFilm - Hanneke Niens, Hans de Wolf
Sc: Melvin Moti
D.O.P.: Niels Boon
Completed: January 2020
Language: English
Cast: Sam Louwyck (BRIMSTONE, MY FOOLISH HEART), Wine Dierickx (MR. FROG, LOFT), Vincent van der Valk (GLUCKAUF, NOCTURNE), Sallie Harmsen (BLADE RUNNER 2049, ACCUSED).

Melvin Moti:
First feature film.

Ph: +31 20 423 1596

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