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Hill of Pleasures by Maria Ramos


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Awards Documentary 2013


Heddy Honigmann
April 2013 Dortmund / Cologne International Women's Film Festival (Germany)
• Dortmund Honorary Documentary Film Award –  €10,000 –
November 2013 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival - IDFA (The Netherlands)
• Living Legend Award - €5,000 – 

Maria Ramos
September 2013 Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
at Warsaw International Human Rights Film Festival - Watch Docs (Poland)
• Marek Nowicki Festival Prize - excellent achievement in showing human rights in film


Be Hard or Go Under
Dir: Jona Honer
Prod: NFTA
May 2013 Munich International Documentary Film Festival - Dok.Fest (Germany)
• Megaherz Filmschool Award & 3.500 euro

Blind Love
Dir: Jenny van den Broeke
Prod: ErnstMedia
October 2013 Santa Monica Independent Film Festival - SaMo Indie (United States)
• Honorable Mention
October 2013 Austin Film Festival (United States)
• Jury Prize - Best Short Documentary

By Her Side
Dir: Niels van Koevorden
Prod: Een van de jongens
April 2013 Durham Documentary Film Festival - The Full Frame (United States)
• Full Frame Jury Award for Best Short

Father Wanted…With A Piggy Nose
Dir: Annelies Kruk
Prod: Hollandse Helden
November 2013 Chicago International Children's Film Festival (United States)
• Youth Jury Prize – 1st Prize Documentary Short Film

Hill of Pleasures
Dir: Maria Ramos
Prod: KeyDocs
September 2013 Brasilia Film Festival - Festival de Brasilia do Cinema Brasiliero (Brazil)
• Best Director
• Best Photography
• Best sound

Justice For Sale
Dir: Ilse van Velzen & Femke van Velzen
Prod: IFproductions Sc: Ilse van Velzen, Femke van Velzen
July 2013 Kigali Rwanda Film Festival (Rwanda)
• Silverback Award for Best Documentary

Matthew's Laws
Dir: Marc Schmidt
Prod: Basaltfilm
May 2013 Montreal International Documentary Festival - RIDM (Canada)
• Grand Prize For Best International Feature

Dir: Neske Beks
Prod: Zuidenwind Filmprodukties
August 2013 Mexico City's International Children's Film Festival - La Matatena (Mexico)
• First Prize Award

Not Without You
Dir: Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster
Prod: Lataster Films
September 2013 Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Film Festival (Glasgow, UK)
• Best Documentary Award

The Only Son
Dir: Simonka de Jong
Prod: IDTV Docs
March 2013 Milan Film Festival - Sguardia Altrove (Italy)
• The "Le Donne Raccontano" international documentary award

Poem of Death
Dir: Astrid Bussink
Prod: Zeppers Film & TV
April 2013 Nyon International Documentary Film Festival - Visions Du Réel (Switzerland)
• Special mention

Silent Snow
Dir: Jan van den Berg & Pipaluk Knudsen-Ostermann
Prod: DRS Film
April 2013 Guernavaca International Environmental Film Festival - Cinema Planeta (Mexico)   
• Prize for Most Original Film on the Environment
June 2013 StudioSpass
• Bronze European Design Award for the Limited Edition silk-screen print DVD BOX
July 2013 Sicili Documentary Film Festival - SiciliAmbiente (Italy)
• Prize Distribution on Demand

Sol LeWitt
Dir: Chris Teerink
Prod: Doc.Eye Film
March 2013 Montreal International Festival of Films on Art (Canada)
• Award for Best Portrait
June 2013 Perpignan International Art Book and Film Festival (France)
• Award for Best Art Documentary (FILAF d'Or)

Sounds for Mazin
Dir: Ingrid kamerling
Prod: Hollandse Helden   
May 2013 Madrid International Documentary Festival - Documenta Madrid (Spain)
• Audience Award
December 2013 Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival - GZDOC (China)
• Best Documentary Sound Editing - Golden Kapok Award

The Successor of Kakiemon
Dir: Suzanne Raes
Prod: Submarine
March 2013 Montreal International Festival of Films on Art - FIFA (Canada)
• Liliane Stewart Award for Design Arts

Wavumba They Who Smell of Fish
Dir: Jeroen van Velzen 
Prod: SNG Film
October 2013 Perm Film Festival - Flahertiana (Russia)
• Silver Nanook Award for “Original Artistic Solution”

Wrong Time Wrong Place
Dir: John Appel
Prod: Cobos Films
June 2013 Macedonia Documentary Film Festival - Make Dox (Macedonia)
• Special Moral Approach Award
• Onion Award

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