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The Club of Ugly Children by Jonathan Elbers
Club of Ugly Children, The

Club of Ugly Children, The

After Paul is transported to a camp for ugly children he manages to escape, and hatches a plan to free all the other ugly kids.

The evil President Isimo decides to capture and deport all the ugly children. After a photo-shoot Paul and a few ugly classmates are sent on a 'school trip'. On the bus, Paul soon realises that this is not just a pleasant excursion but that the children are being shipped off to a secret place. He comes up with a plan and manages to escape, but a bounty hunter is sent to hunt him down. Can Paul shake off his pursuer and more importantly, can he both free the other children and defeat the president?

90' / colour

Genre: action/adventure, children's, family

Dir: Jonathan Elbers
Prod: Umami Media - Niek Teunissen, Casper Eskes, Wim Boven
Co-prod: Shooting Star Film Company - Dave Schram
Sc: Jeroen Margry
D.O.P.: Thijmen Doornik
Completed: July 2019
Language: Dutch
Cast: Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (THE SURPRISE, RIPHAGEN), Jelka van Houten (WALDSTILLE, THE LONGING), Roeland Fernhout (THE ADMIRAL, A REAL VERMEER), Katja Schuurman (BLACK OUT, INTERVIEW).

Festivals & awards a.o:
JEF Festival
New York International Children's Film Festival - winner Grand Prize for Best Feature

Jonathan Elbers:

a.o. FASHION CHICKS (2015, feature), LOCKBUSTER (2015, short).

Umami Media

Ph: +31 6 2310 5532

Sales: Beta Film

Ph: +49 89 673 469-80

Festivals: Renate Zylla

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