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Circus Noël by Dennis Bots
Circus Noël

Circus Noël

When Karo accompanies her friends Victor and Tonie to a prestigious circus competition, mysterious sabotage attempts put the circus at risk.

Sick of her parents' bickering, Karo runs away from home and joins her friends Victor and Tonie from the Circus Noël who are en route to a prestigious circus competition. In the days leading up to the competition, mysterious attempts at sabotage put their participation at risk and as all three do everything in their power to save the circus, their tight bond is put under intense strain. Will they be able to keep both the circus and their friendship from falling apart?

100' / colour

Genre: action/adventure, children's, romantic comedy

Original title: CIRCUS NOËL
Dir: Dennis Bots
Prod: Incredible Film - Danielle Raaphorst, Phanta Basta! - Harro van Staverden, Michiel Bartels, Petra Goedings
Sc: Anjali Taneja, Karen van Holst Pellekaan
D.O.P.: Martijn Cousijn
Completed: January 2019
Language: Dutch
Cast: Luna Wijnands, Samuel Reurekas, Tommy van Lent, Tygo Gernandt (RON GOOSSENS, LOW BUDGET STUNTMAN, BRIMSTONE).

Dennis Bots:
STORM LETTER OF FIRE (2017, feature), CODE M (2015, feature), SECRETS OF WAR (2014, feature), COOL KIDS DON'T CRY (2012, feature) Awards: o.a. Audience Award-TIFF Kids, Golden Calf Audience Award-Netherlands FF.

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