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Cat and Mice by Nova van Dijk
Cat and Mice

Cat and Mice

Jonas kidnaps cats, returning them for a reward, but his life changes dramatically when he comes home with a flyer of a missing girl instead.

9’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: KATTENKWAAD
Dir: Nova van Dijk
Prod: Keren Cogan Productions, Phanta Vision Film International 
Language: Dutch (English subtitles). 

Nova van Dijk:
THE BIG CITY (2010, short), HANGOVER (2009, doc), BORN TO BE ALIVE (2009, short),
WILD AND FREE (2009, short), TZIRK (2009, doc), BROTHER (2008, short).

Keren Cogan Productions
Ph: +31 20 626 0255
F:   +31 20 638 7756

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Press Releases
12-07-2011  CAT AND MICE best short at Palm Springs 2011
13-09-2010  CAT AND MICE entry Academy Awards 2010