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Carice van Houten at the Cannes Film Festival

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Carice van Houten and Cannes


At the 63rd edition of the Cannes Film Festival, STRICKEN is not the only film featuring Carice van Houten. SINGING IN THE DARK directed by Martie Dekkers and Ed van Otterdijk also features Carice van Houten as well as Aart Staartjes.

In the short film SINGING IN THE DARK the 2 directors Martie Dekkers and Ed van Otterdijk, show domestic violence in a very profound way. Carice van Houten, Aart Staartjes, Frank Lammers and newcomer Gaite Jansen portray members of a family struggling with derailed feelings and actions. Aart Staartjes plays the role of a father who has abused his daughter, but who himself was abused in his childhood. In the daughter’s own family things also derail: the woman’s partner abuses her child.
The title refers to situations in which all persons have been at one time in their life. A a child they were locked up in a dark space. In order to minimize their fear and shut out the arguing, they softly sang songs…. Dutch singer Do performs the title song of the film.

CARICE VAN HOUTEN: The most difficult scene ever.
On her website CARICE VAN HOUTEN writes about her part in SINGING IN THE DARK: “I played the most difficult scene ever… A confrontation with my grandfather, whose child I give birth to. That was quite a bit of acting.” The Mutsaersstichting, located in the city of Venlo, commissioned SINGING IN THE DARK. The film not only aims to show the emotional pain experienced by the victim, but also the feelings of guild, sorrow, good intentions, shame and powerlessness of the perpetrator.

In November 2009 the directors Martie Dekkers and Ed van Otterdijk received a Special Mention Award at the Expresion en Corto Film Festival In Mexico City. Director Martie Dekkers: “I am very honoured. Especially because the request to send in the film came out of the blue sky. We do not know how the film came to their attention, but we think it might have been the minister of Justice Mr. Hirsch Ballin.” After a viewing the minister was so much impressed by the film SINGING IN THE DARK, he decided to show the film to the members of the European Commission in the Norwegian city of Tromso last June, during the conference: Breaking the silence about (dealing with) domestic violence.

During the 63rd edition of the Cannes Film Festival SINGING IN THE DARK screens in the Short Film Corner in connection with the Speak out against domestic violence short film contest. The film can be seen after making an appointment or right on the spot (Palais des Festivals, basement floor).

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