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Bruce Lee & The Outlaw by Joost VandeBrug
Bruce Lee & The Outlaw

Bruce Lee & The Outlaw

Nicu, a young homeless boy, is adopted by Bruce Lee, the notorious "King of the Underworld", and goes to live with him in the tunnels beneath Bucharest.

Nicu lives with his gang of friends in the streets and parks around Bucharest's North Station. They beg and solicit to survive, building friendships among the growing street community of kids. The local celebrity is Bruce Lee, the self-proclaimed King of Bucharest's Underworld. Painted silver, he both deals in drugs and is the drug. His kingdom is the underground network of tunnels built by Ceausescu as central heating ducts for the city.

90' / colour

Original title: BRUCE LEE & THE OUTLAW
Dir: Joost VandeBrug
Prod: Revolver Amsterdam (NL) - Joachim van Trommel, Raymond van der Kaaij
Co-prod: GrainMedia (UK)
Sc: Joost VandeBrug
D.O.P.: Joost VandeBrug
Completed: June 2018
Language: Romanian

Joost VandeBrug:

First feature length documentary.
PET SHOP BOYS: VOCAL (2013, music video).

Revolver Amsterdam
Ph: +31 20 820 8987

Sales: Taskovki Films
Ph: +33 6 7923 5374

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